Useful Information:

-International Information in the US: 1-412-555-1515.

-Great Britain only refers to the island that is England, Scotland and Wales.  When Northern Ireland is included, it becomes the United Kingdom.  Southern Ireland is an independent republic.

-Phone numbers in Britain are accessed by putting 011-44 in front of the number.  The 011 is the number of direct dial and the international satelite, and 44 is the country code.

-Phone numbers in the US from Britain are accessed by putting 01-01 before the number.  That is the satellite and 01 is the country code for the US.

-British phone numbers are not consistent in the number of digits.

-At the time of compilation, the British pound sterling equated to $1.68.  For example, a room that costs #100 pounds, will cost $168.  The formula, once exchange rate has been determined:

To determine dollars:   # x (exchange rate) = dollars.

To determine pounds:  $ / (exchange rate) = pounds.

-If you take time to travel around London, do park your car and take public transport!

-In Britain, use the terms "single" for "one-way", and "return" for "round-trip".  (This will save you a lot of hassle!

-The subway in London is called either the "Tube" (pronounced "ch" for the t) or the "Underground".  British Rail trains run above ground between cities.  The Tube is underground beneath London area.  

-For any public transport except bus, you must buy the ticket before boarding.

-Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are accepted in Britain.

-Cars drive on the WRONG side of the road (physical left).  But the steering wheel is also on the wrong side.  So just keep the driver closest to the yellow line!

-Cars MUST STOP for "zebra crossings" by law, for pedestrians.  So if you see a black and white striped band going across the road, you had better stop! (or kill someone!!!)

-Nearly every town has a Tourist Information office, each with a phone number.  They are extremely useful, especially for finding cheap bed and breakfasts.

-Be sure to thoroughly read the roundabout sign BEFORE stopping at the roundabout.  There is only the one chance, so slow down when you see it and take note!

-Roundabouts traverse CLOCKWISE!  Whoever is already on the roundabout has the right of way.

-NO LEFT TURN ON RED!  (Remembering that their left turn is like our right turn).  So no turn on red at all!

-There is usually only one small sign marking a turn-off road.  So pay attention.

-Gasoline is called "petrol" in Britain.  If you ask for gas, you get propane.

-British money (notes) are of different sizes for different notes.  This is done so the blind can tell the size of the note they are using.

-The British people very courteously line up in a 'queue' for anything at all.  Please respect their wonderful custom!

-While driving, the British are unusually courteous, allowing cars to slot in ahead of them with no fuss.  Be sure to take your patience with you on this trip.  You'll be surprised how good it feels.

-Speed limit on motorways is 70mph.  (But you don't usually see any officials, as they have no such thing as Highway Patrol.

-Hotels and bed and breakfasts expect you to be there by 6pm unless you notify them you will be a late arrival.

-Rental cars as well as hotels must be booked a good deal in advance, as there aren't as many of them in Britain as in the US.  So don't count on last minute pot-luck, or you might sleep in your car (if you have one).

-Avis is the best deal on rental cars in Britain, but specify 'unlimited mileage'.  Also, automatic transmissions are rare, so you must specify!

-You might need an international driver's license to rent a car.

-A rental car cannot be taken on a ferry, for example, to Ireland.

-The most marked attribute of the British is that they are usually QUIET and courteous.  Please try to conform.

-Don't miss the National Trust shops when you find them.  They're great, and represent a wonderful cause of preserving historic sites.

-Tea (or coffee) comes with milk unless you state otherwise!

-The best time to see the lovely flowers is from MayDay (1st May) until about the end of June.

-AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE, buy an 'ORDINANCE SURVEY MAP' of Britain!!!!!!!!!!


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