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The Trossachs 

Denuded of trees by Queen Elizabeth I, this part of Scotland proves Nature will regain control.

"For auld lang syne..."

Land of poets and heroes...


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Robbie Burns,
  William Wallace
    The Hepburn
  Robert the Bruce
Sir Walter Scott,

and so many others.

Loch Lommond

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"on the 
bonny, bonny banks…."


Glen Coe

"e-e-e, wee ghosties be here"

famous massacre still lingers...

Scotland,the brave

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Ft. William area, home of
Ben Nevis, highest mountain in Britain.

Eilean Donan Castle

tiny perfection

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Loch Ness

"Nessie, won't you come out to play?"

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Urquhart Castle
guards Loch Ness
(as does Nessie...)

Inverness Castle

Piper at Blair Castle



Blair Atholl

Scot sportster's castle at its best.

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Culloden Moor
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the tragedy of Bonnie Prince Charlie….

…so many clans that never returned.

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Cawdor Castle
Shakespeare's Thane lived here


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but best call them direct for today's opening times... it tends to vary suddenly and arbitrarily.
Glamis Castle
home of the Queen Mother

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