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Caerphilly castle 
 'history with a broken wing',   you will love it still.....


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  Pembroke castle 
- the Lords of the Marches

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St. Govan's Chapel   
- 6th century
 Sir Gowain of Arthur's Round Table fame was hermit here.... 


-St. Govan's Head 

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Harlech castle 
might is right? 
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Betwys-y-Coed  (trans.-"temple in the wood")  
-Merlin's birthplace must feel the magic, 
as well as see....


Swallow Falls 
-not to be missed. 
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-ancient roadhouse, Ty Gwyn,
gets the best food award
as well as a great night's sleep

Penrhyn Castle
if time had allowed... 
(it's mock Edwardian)

Fairie Glen 
-the name says it all...   
gets my blue ribbon for
 "Best of Britain"



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The Isle of Anglesey
- the Druid's Isle (of Mona):


Plas Newydd (manor house)  
(for another trip perhaps)