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Glastonbury:   'heart chakra of Britain'

occult power masterpiece - 
meeting point of all belief systems

king of Ancient Mysteries-     
...Glastonbury Abbey... 

King Arthur's grave

Photo Album (Abbey & Town)

Queen Elizabeth's testimonial cross to "Arthur, King of All Britain" 
1st c. St. Mary's chapel from Joseph of Arimathea's toil 


-crossroads of other worlds.... 

-king of Ancient Magics, 



King Arthur's grave, 
bishops and monarchs testify..

lead cross buried with
King Arthur & Guinevere...

-Coin of
 Knossos maze 

-marker of the 
St. Michael 
Ley Line



Christianity tried hard to usurp this ancient pagan site... 

but only (St.) Michael's Tower remains of the church, making it look more pagan than before.

Chalice Hill, Chalice Well 
legendary resting place of the Holy Grail 

-healing well

-a vesica piscis to


Photo Album (Tor and Well)


George & Pilgrim's Inn -ancient stopping-over place set in a fascinating village... 
that simply 'throbs'..... 



Chalice Well source
once dominated here... 


(as Cadbury's archeology testifies)


WALES (S):    

Tintern Abbey 
There's just something..... 

Photo Album


Caerleon Roman amphitheatre 
 Photo Album