The Heart of England  
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Wayland's Smithy &   White Horse Hill
atop Pilgrim's Way, - the Ridgeway 
'the smith of the gods, was Wayland', fashioner of swords of power.......
-beside the ancient  



Uffington White Horse,
and Dragon Hill, 
where legend has it, 
famed St. George slew the dragon. 
'Where dragon blood fell, no grass grows still...' 

(Might St. George have used one of the 'seven magical swords of Wayland'?)

Photo Album 


amazing Avebury  
(as good as it gets):  
Stone Circles and Hillfort  (Fusion)   -
waiting to tell its ancient secret...
megalithic folk knew more than we.



Photo Album  - stones
Photo Album
- surrounding Avebury & Marlborough

Hammered whispers in your soul,
more profound than eye can see,
haunting memories almost there,
ever asks, "remember me??"



Avebury Manor 

childhood home of
Jane and Thomas Seymore


 Silbury Hill 
see if you can sense the Dark... 
but remember we bring it LIGHT! 




 Over all...  

it's the trip of a lifetime...  SO ENJOY!