About the Author

The author of this wonderful compilation, Martha S. Heney, lived
in Great Britain for over 12 years.  She spent much of that time
traveling within Britain to discover the most intriguing sites.  The sites
included here are the ones she kept returning to, time after time.
The Land of Britain is most certainly a magical and
mystical land.  A lifetime is not enough to discover it all.
But Martha wanted everyone to have the chance to see things
she discovered that aren't on any packaged tour.
So she put this information together to help
anyone that had the courage to discover
what she discovered.  But take warning, it might
just change your life!

Martha lives in Gainesville, Florida, and
runs a small company,
Kingmaker PC & Internet Consultants.

See the Kingmaker web site:
(a real Pandora's box of fantasy themes)


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